Avoid Blackjack Games

Although blackjack is arguably one of the most loved casino games of all time, there are some blackjack games that should be altogether avoided due to low player odds and a huge house edge. The following are scenarios that all players should completely avoid.

• Avoid casinos that do not allow players to double down after a split. The ability to do so can increase the player's odds by as much as .13 percent.
• Games that do not allow soft doubling should be avoided. Doubling on soft hands gives players an increased advantage over the dealer because they have more ways to play--and potentially win.
• When the dealer is allowed to hit on soft 17, a large percentage of the player's odds go out the window. Dealers who are able to hit on 17 are able to make many more hands. Instead, find casinos that force dealers to stand on 17.
• A two-card blackjack should never pay even money. More and more casinos are turning to this payout method, and it can be completely detrimental to a player's bankroll. A healthy payout ratio for a two-card blackjack is at least three to two.
• Dealers that only penetrate half of the shoe are doing so in order to throw off potential card counters. Although this tactic works most of the time for the dealer, it is not ideal for the player as the odds of scoring a blackjack decrease.
• Automatic card shufflers are another thing that seriously affects the abilities of the avid card counter. These people are able to determine which cards are left in play, so if the dynamic changes, their blackjack games are completely thrown off.

Although many of these tips are great ideas for use in a brick-and-mortar casino, some are helpful when playing online blackjack games as well.