Ways to Choose Keno Numbers

While some Keno enthusiasts adhere to certain methods that they feel increases their odds, the fact of the matter is that Keno remains a game of chance. Yet just because you need to rely on the luck of the draw to win doesn't mean you can't have fun choosing numbers. There are a number of strategies for picking Keno numbers that allow you to at least test out a theoretical strategy.

Be Consistent--or Not

Some players like to play the same series of Keno numbers over and over again, with the idea that at some point, their combination will have to turn up as the winning set. Based on the law of averages, this is fairly sound reasoning--though it could be a very, very long time before your series of numbers is drawn. Thus, in the short run, you might have just as much of a chance of a win if you frequently change your numbers.

Do Your Research

Another popular method for choosing Keno numbers is to pay attention to the numbers that have been called previously, and then play the numbers that haven't turned up in a while. This is also based on the idea that eventually, those numbers will have to be called. Whether or not they are called while you are playing Keno, however, is once again attributed to luck.

Some people also like to play numbers that are significant to them, and view these as a kind of lucky charm. For example, some people play numbers that correspond to important dates. The method of number selection is entirely up to you, and depends on what makes you feel lucky.